Mary Anne Ludlam - Bayfield Inlet, Georgian Bay
Ivan Murphy - Early Thaw
Ivan Murphy - Vista; Last Light
Frank Panabaker - ABERFOYLE, ONTARIO
Frank Panabaker - Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay
Frank Panabaker - Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay
Ethel Rosenfield - Stone Cross
Ethel Rosenfield - Family
Travis Shilling - Girl with Stripped Shirt
Travis Shilling - Ontario Farm
Travis Shilling - Stripes
Travis Shilling - Spring Marsh
Arthur Shilling - Mike St. Germaine (Old Mike - Sitting in Arm Chair)
Arthur Shilling - Portrait of a Woman
Arthur Shilling - Profile of a Woman
Arthur Shilling - Boy
Arthur Shilling - Three Friends
Arthur Shilling - Painter's Box
Arthur Shilling - Boy with Apple
Arthur Shilling - Field & Fence Posts- Landscape
Arthur Shilling - Millie In The Rain - Birches
Arthur Shilling - Winter Woods - Birches
Arthur Shilling - Church Near Rama
Arthur Shilling - "REFLECTIONS" -  (Portrait of a Girl Sitting - Rama, Ontario)
Arthur Shilling - Figure in the Snow-Spring
Arthur Shilling - Cathie
Arthur Shilling - Two Girls Sitting
Arthur Shilling - Cathie (Detail)
Group Show
6/11/2013 - 7/12/2013

Welcome to our "Spring Exhibition". We are offering a selection of works from the gallery collection and gallery artists. Please contact us for assistance relating to any of these exceptional works of art. We look forward to speaking with you.

Best Regards, Thomas Beckett

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