Robert Bateman - Along Appleby Line-Early Spring-Bluebird
Robert Bateman - Harmsen's Place
Robert Bateman - Lion Pride
Robert Bateman - Canada Geese in Winter, Limited Edition of 400
Robert Bateman - Ploughed Field and Horned Larks
Robert Bateman - Forest Floor & Chipmunk Study
Robert Bateman - Stream Bank - June
Robert Bateman - Arctic Evening - White Wolf
Robert Bateman - Ruby Throated Hummingbird Pair
Robert Bateman - Stream Bank - June
Robert Bateman - Robert Bateman and Thomas Beckett with Harmsen's Place
Robert Bateman - Robert Bateman and Thomas Beckett  with Along Appleby Line - Early Spring Bluebird
Alan Bateman - AUTUMN
Alan Bateman - RAVEN'S PERCH
Alan Bateman - SUMAC
Alan Bateman - FROM THE FIELD
Alan Bateman - YOUNG WILLOWS
Alan Bateman - PASSING RAIN
John Bladen Bentley - Untitled #3
John Coburn - The Artist at the Canadian Embassy In Tokyo
John Coburn - Coburn with Homage to Black & White
John Coburn - New York and Paris in Tokyo
John G. Crawford - Still Evening
John G. Crawford - Still Evening, Detail
John G. Crawford - John Bentley, John Crawford and Thomas Beckett
John G. Crawford - Strolling
Mitsu Ikemura - Hear The Voice Of The Bard
Mitsu Ikemura - Light of sun, radiance of moon, splendor of fire
Masayoshi Kato - Winds' Landscape 2
Masayoshi Kato - Sun
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled
Masayoshi Kato - The artist and his work
Masayoshi Kato - The artist
Masayoshi Kato - Painting in his studio
Masayoshi Kato - Traveller
Masayoshi Kato - Windy Gate I
Masayoshi Kato - Windy Gate II
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled II
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled III
Henri L. Masson - Nude
Kotaro Migishi - Brittany -framed
Kotaro Migishi - Country House
Kotaro Migishi - Starting to Snow
Kotaro Migishi - Landscape
Kotaro Migishi - In the Village
Kotaro Migishi - Bayside
Kotaro Migishi - Harvest Field
Kotaro Migishi - Field
Kotaro Migishi - Little Town
Kotaro Migishi - Cottage in Veron
Kotaro Migishi - 2009 Salon Exhibition
Leo Mol - Classical Figure
Ivan Murphy - Distant Respite
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory IV
Ivan Murphy - Early Thaw
Ivan Murphy - Elsewhere II
Ivan Murphy - Wharf Study
Ivan Murphy - Eastern Study
Ivan Murphy - River
Ivan Murphy - Entry 11
Ivan Murphy - Tarmac, Winter
Ivan Murphy - Tarmac, Winter
Miyako Ohashi - Street
Miyako Ohashi - Leading To Tomorrow I
Miyako Ohashi - Tree
Miyako Ohashi - Tower
Miyako Ohashi - Story Of A Tree
Miyako Ohashi - Pink
Miyako Ohashi - Memory
Miyako Ohashi - Street (15)
Miyako Ohashi - Green Green
Miyako Ohashi - Flower In Summer
Miyako Ohashi - The Artist and Thomas Beckett
Miyako Ohashi - The Artist In Her Studio
Miyako Ohashi - Soul Flowers-Red
Miyako Ohashi - Weeping Willow
Frank Panabaker - Ducks Landing-Country Marsh
Frank Panabaker - AUTUMN, ONTARIO
Frank Panabaker - ABERFOYLE, ONTARIO
Ethel Rosenfield - 2009 Salon Exhibition - Featuring Ethel Rosenfield Sculpture
Arthur Shilling - Profile of a Woman
Arthur Shilling - Boy
Arthur Shilling - Three Friends
Arthur Shilling - Painter's Box
Arthur Shilling - Boy with Apple
Arthur Shilling - Field & Fence Posts- Landscape
Arthur Shilling - Millie In The Rain - Birches
Arthur Shilling - Winter Woods - Birches
Arthur Shilling - Church Near Rama
Arthur Shilling - Salon Exhibition
Arthur Shilling - 2008 Shilling Exhibition 10
Arthur Shilling - Figure in the Snow-Spring
Arthur Shilling - Boy with clasped Hands
Arthur Shilling - Two Girls (with frame)
Arthur Shilling - Elder Woman ( with frame)
Arthur Shilling - Travis Sleeping
Arthur Shilling - Boy With Clasped Hands
Arthur Shilling - Two Girls Sitting
Travis Shilling - Self Portrait II
Travis Shilling - (The Map)
Travis Shilling - Spring Marsh
Travis Shilling - Gary Farmer & Travis Shilling
Travis Shilling - Atom Egoyan & Travis Shilling at Opening Standing in front of Self Portrait I
Travis Shilling - (Totem 2)
Travis Shilling - (Farmer)
Travis Shilling - Mike Painting #1
Travis Shilling - Blue Coat - Floral Dress
Travis Shilling - Angela #2
Travis Shilling - Red Hat - Angela
Travis Shilling - Self Portait II - 2005
Travis Shilling - Tonya's House Coat
Travis Shilling - Tonya's Feather Bowa
Travis Shilling - Break in the Sky - The Marsh
Travis Shilling - Ashley
Travis Shilling - Hay Field - Stormy Sky
Andrew Wyeth - Distant Thunder - Limited Edition Collotype -  Signed - No. 125 of 300
Andrew Wyeth - 2009 Salon Exhibition - Featuring Andrew Wyeth Collotype, Distant Thunder
Group Show
12/3/2009 - 12/19/2009

It is with great pleasure we announce Beckett Fine Art
is moving to a new Toronto gallery space.
The new gallery location will be announced when all details
have been confirmed.
We will be celebrating our move at the gallery at 120 Scollard Street with a Salon Style Art Show & Sale Featuring 33 Artists and Over 150 Works of Art.
Exhibition Dates: December 3rd to December 19th, 2009.
Beckett Fine Art has been in the art business for the past 43 years.
Thank you for your patronage over the last 14 years at our
Scollard Street gallery and your interest in Beckett Fine Art
and our fine stable of artist's.
We will keep you informed to our new location and events
in the coming months.
Please refer to our website for future updates.
Business will continue as usual at Scollard Street
until our move on December 20th, 2009.
Many Thanks, Thomas Beckett
Tel. 416-922-5582