Kotaro Migishi - The Sea
Kotaro Migishi - Cathedral On a Hill
Kotaro Migishi - Brittany -framed
Kotaro Migishi - Brittany
Kotaro Migishi - Spanish Landscape
Kotaro Migishi - Paysage Passer
Kotaro Migishi - Winter's Landscape
Kotaro Migishi - Still Life With Gardenia
Kotaro Migishi - A Cloud
Kotaro Migishi - Country House
Kotaro Migishi - White Wall
Kotaro Migishi - In a Port in the South of France
Kotaro Migishi - Spring Shower
Kotaro Migishi - L'arbre - detail
Kotaro Migishi - L'arbre (Tree)
Kotaro Migishi - The Moon At Dawn
Kotaro Migishi - Paris
Kotaro Migishi - A Village
Kotaro Migishi - In the Middle of the Village
Kotaro Migishi - The artist's studio, Veron, France
Kotaro Migishi - Studio
Kotaro Migishi - Near Veron, France, home of Kotaro Migishi
Kotaro Migishi - Migishi's home in Veron
"Spring Exhibition"
Kotaro Migishi
5/31/2003 - 7/26/2003
Reception - Sat., May 31st, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m
This will be Kotaro Migishi’s fourth North American solo show. “Spring Exhibition”, celebrates a new stage for Migishi as artist in Japan and abroad. The respect for his work and he as an international artist has risen once again. This past year Migishi had an eight-venue tour at Takashimaya Galleries, throughout Japan. The tour has just concluded. The reception to his work was overwhelming. Migishi sold 53 paintings during the tour. Extraordinary as this success comes at a time during one of Japan’s worst economic periods.

“Spring Exhibition”, features a broad selection of oil paintings inspired by the
landscape surrounding his studio in Veron, Burgundy, France. Migishi refers to his paintings as “visual poems”. Thomas Beckett explains,” The response to Kotaro Migishi’s work is phenomenal. It’s the strongest I have ever seen from any artist in my 20-year history of being in the art business. His stunning sense of colour and composition, his sensitivity and suitable nuances, the texture and light in the works are very rare to find anywhere.”

Kotaro Migishi comes from a rich artistic heritage. Born in Tokyo in 1930, he is the only child of two of Japan’s most respected contemporary artists. His father, Kotaro Migishi Sr. b1903-1934 and his mother, Setsuko Migishi b1905-1999, are considered national treasures in Japan. Both Kotaro Sr. and Setsuko have paintings displayed in Japan’s National Gallery, as well as in numerous other public galleries and in important private and corporate collections. Each also has a public art museum named after them in their respective birthplaces.

By the time Kotaro Migishi was 17 the promising young painter decided to forego formal training – instead, choosing to develop his own unique and original style. After an emotional visit to France at the age of 23, he made the decision to relocate to the source of his inspiration.  The dramatic light of the French countryside had a monumental impact on Migishi’s work.

In the five decades that he has spent interpreting his environment, Kotaro Migishi has continued to find inspiration in the light and landscapes of his adopted country. Exhibiting extensively throughout Europe and Japan, the artist is delighted to present his fourth North American solo exhibition at Toronto’s Beckett Fine Art.