Masayoshi Kato - Traveller
Masayoshi Kato - Masayoshi Kato in Studio, Japan
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled II
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled III
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled 3-1
Masayoshi Kato - Untitled 3-2
Kotaro Migishi - Red Roof
Kotaro Migishi - Landscape
Kotaro Migishi - Dawn
Kotaro Migishi - Community
Kotaro Migishi - Autumn Colour
Kotaro Migishi - The Artist in his studio
Kotaro Migishi - Avallon - In the Fog
Kotaro Migishi - Ropes Blossom
Kotaro Migishi - Harvest Field
Kotaro Migishi - Field
Kotaro Migishi - In the Village
Kotaro Migishi - Little Town
Kotaro Migishi - Cottage in Veron
Miyako Ohashi - Street
Miyako Ohashi - Pink
Miyako Ohashi - Street (15)
Miyako Ohashi - Green Green
Miyako Ohashi - The Artist and Thomas Beckett
Miyako Ohashi - The Artist In Her Studio
Miyako Ohashi - Soul Flowers-Red
Miyako Ohashi - Weeping Willow
Masayoshi Kato   Kotaro Migishi   Miyako Ohashi   
9/20/2008 - 10/4/2008
1PM to 4PM
Thomas Beckett invites you to Migishi Kato Ohashi, an
exhibition of three acclaimed contemporary Japanese artists.
Presented at Beckett Fine Art, this exhibition features the
works of Kotaro Migishi, Masayoshi Kato and Miyako
Ohashi. You are invited to attend the opening reception on
Saturday, September 20 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at
Beckett Fine Art, 120 Scollard Street, Toronto and by appointment.
One of the most respected artists in Japan, with a studio in Oiso, Japan
and another in Véron, France, 78-year-old Kotaro Migishi's paintings
bear evidence to a fascinating life and a deeply personal poetic vision.
Inspired by the serene countryside of Burgundy, and exhibiting
internationally since 1955, Migishi has traveled between Japan and
France for the last three decades, establishing a studio in Burgundy in
1974. Migishi describes his works as visual poems. His paintings are
simply extraordinary; rich in texture, filled with light and a colourist
beyond compare. Beckett has exhibited Migishi for the past eleven
years in North America.
One of Japan's leading contemporary artists, 73-year-old Masayoshi
Kato finds inspiration for his work, in the patterns of nature. Organic,
tactile and richly textured, his paintings are created from a multi-layering
of oils on handmade Japanese paper. He then rips through the surface
with sharp chisels and paper inlays. Kato has lived an incredibly creative
and active life as an artist, since his first solo show held in Kyoto in 1966.
The oil paintings of Miyako Ohashi have a deep stillness and timeless
quality: ethereal and luminous. Born in Handa, Japan, the 32-year-old
artist's first exhibition was in 2001 in Nagoya, Japan. She has had
numerous exhibitions at the prestigious Takanawa Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
This is the forth North American show for Ohashi who exhibited with
Beckett Fine Art since 2004.
"The works of Migishi, Kato and Ohashi all convey an astonishing
sense of colour and surface texture. Though varying widely in style
and technique, together these three artists represent a unique
perspective of contemporary Japan."
Thomas Beckett.