Travis Shilling - Mike Painting #5
Travis Shilling - Mike Painting #3, Skull
Travis Shilling - Mike Painting #1
Travis Shilling - Self Portrait
Travis Shilling - Blue Coat - Floral Dress
Travis Shilling - Angela #2
Travis Shilling - Blue Sweater
Travis Shilling
4/26/2003 - 5/10/2003
Opening Reception, Sat. April 26, 1 - 4 pm
Travis Shilling will be in attendance
"A reflection occurs midway through the portraits where you forget who you are painting and a fever begins while realizing we are all longing and searching for something beautiful." TRAVIS SHILLING

Travis Shilling was born in 1978 in Rama, Ontario. He is the youngest son, of the late, important Canadian artist, Arthur Shilling.  As well as being self taught he has attended the Toronto School of Art, Toronto,Ontario, and the Dundas Valley School of Art, Dundas, Ontario.
Travis continues to develop and forge his own path as a figurative painter.

"Portraits" is a heavy show. Ella, Angela #2, the artist himself in Self Portrait and the rest of the characters on the walls all seemed weighed down by some enormous gravitational pull dragging them down through the mass of colour... They all have the same pained eyes - the artists own, as a glance at any one of Travis's self-portraits will suggest.
Certain elements in the show recall the father's work: the depth, weight and richness of the colour, the way with pained, vulnerable faces. But there are differences. Arthur Shilling avoided the term "portrait", preferring to call them "people pictures." But Travis's are portraits."

Peter Goddard, Visual Art Critic, Toronto Star Thursday, May 1, 2003