Travis Shilling - Spring Marsh
Travis Shilling - Passing Storm
Travis Shilling - Afternoon Light
Travis Shilling - Night in the Studio - Self Portrait
Travis Shilling - Evening Light
Travis Shilling - Harvest I
Travis Shilling - Mike in the Studio
Travis Shilling - Self Portrait on Blue
Travis Shilling - Mittons
Travis Shilling - Two Hay Bales
Travis Shilling - Lake Couchiching - Blue Clouds
Travis Shilling - The Polka Dot Scarf
Travis Shilling - Eliza
Travis Shilling - Vinton
Travis Shilling - Self Portrait with Brush
Travis Shilling - Spring River II
Travis Shilling - Hay Field - Stormy Sky
Travis Shilling
12/1/2007 - 1/22/2008
1:00 PM - 4:00PM
Travis Shilling will be in attendance
The opening marks our 10th year of representing Travis Shilling, now aged 29.
This dynamic Canadian artist has studios in Rama, Ontario and more
recently in central Toronto. The exhibition celebrates his love of
painting; people and the landscape.
The Portraits:
Travis Shilling's direct painterly oils capture the essence of his
sitter. John Anderson, Curator of The MacLaren exhibition writes: "The
portraiture of Travis Shilling is built upon traditions of family and
cultural heritage, interaction with his father, his work and its
legacy. But it doesn't stop there. Travis's work explores images of
himself and the people of his home. There is a meditative,
contemplative and somewhat melancholy character pervading his work.
Yet, a subtlety of colour remains - open, rich and inviting - even
within the darkness of his self-portraits."
The Landscapes: Shilling
has developed a new series of paintings inspired by the dramatic autumn
skies over Lake Couchiching. These big sky paintings with rolling
thundering clouds and bright ochre light capture the energy, colour and
majesty of this great northern Ontario phenomenon.

Since our
last solo exhibition for Travis Shilling in 2005, interest in his work
continues to build in Ontario and abroad with exhibitions in Sante Fe,
New Mexico and Victoria, B.C. Shilling's reputation and following as a
brilliant young Canadian artist is very exciting. There is a soulful
quality found in his work. He is a painter of emotions. His natural
depth of talent and vision is well beyond his years.