Kotaro Migishi - Country House
Kotaro Migishi - Landscape
Kotaro Migishi - Community
Kotaro Migishi - Spring Dawn
Kotaro Migishi - Emerging Light
Kotaro Migishi - The Artist in his studio
Kotaro Migishi - Castle in Pink
Kotaro Migishi - Avallon - In the Fog
Kotaro Migishi - Castle in Pink
Kotaro Migishi - Ropes Blossom
Kotaro Migishi
9/15/2007 - 10/6/2007
Kotaro Migishi will be in attendance


With a studio in Oiso, Japan and another in Véron, France, 77 year-old Kotaro Migishi's paintings bear evidence to a fascinating life and a deeply personal poetic vision. Inspired by the serene countryside of Burgundy, and exhibiting internationally since 1955, Migishi has traveled between Japan and France for the last three decades.

"His extraordinary colour sense, the subtle nuances of his composition, and his mastery of texture and light are of unprecedented sensitivity", comments Thomas Beckett.

"He stands at the landscape, never sketches by hand but uses his five senses to catch the atmosphere," says author Nakano Ataru. Japanese curator Kato Masatoshi writes, "his landscapes are the opposite of realism and come from: "the song of a heart of a living experience." "I draw landscape from my memory which is the real landscape of what I saw with my own eyes." says artist Kotaro Migishi. However one tries to describe his work, Migishi has always defied tradition and confounded his critics. He was literally born into modernism. Born in Tokyo in 1930, both of his parents, Kotaro Sr. and Setsuko were painters, modern art rebels who in the late 1920's shocked art critics in Japan by forsaking the centuries old tradition of Japanese landscape painting for the brash genre of Picasso and Braque. On the verge of Kotaro Sr.'s first trip to Europe, he died suddenly at the age of 31. In Japan, museums mark their achievements to this day. At the age of 23, the promising young painter set off on a three-month voyage by sea to Paris on a quest to visit the land of his father's inspiration. He decided to stay and in 1953 was accepted to study at the Grande Chaumiere studio, Paris. He enrolled but never attended. Instead the young Migishi toured the galleries of Paris and the French countryside, finding his own muse. After two decades of traveling throughout Europe, in 1974, Kotaro Migishi established a studio in Burgundy in the town of Véron. It is there where he find his inspiration and continues to exhibit his work internationally.