John Coburn - The Artist at the Canadian Embassy In Tokyo
John Coburn - La Rotonde, Paris
John Coburn - Claude Monet's Home, Paris
John Coburn - New York and Paris in Tokyo
John Coburn - Cafe Rotonde, Paris
John Coburn - Chrysler Building, NYC
John Coburn - Les Closerie des Lilas, Paris
John Coburn - Arc de Triomphe / Avec des Champs Elyees, Paris
John Coburn - Les Deux Magots, Paris
John Coburn - The Flat Iron Building, NYC
John Coburn - New York - Paris
John Coburn - Pink Tartan
John Coburn - The Empire State Building
John Coburn - Romancing Manhattan
John Coburn - Le Rotonde II, Paris
New York and Paris in Toronto
John Coburn
7/6/2006 - 7/15/2006
Thurs. July 6 From 6 - 10 pm
John Coburn will be in attendance

New York and Paris in Toronto features oil paintings, watercolour and pen and ink drawings captured as only this artist can, with whimsical passion, for which Canadians have grown to recognize as a John Coburn.

Coburn is well known on the Toronto art scene and has an international following as well. Robert DeNiro, British pop star Robbie Williams and Saks Fifth Avenue count as only a few among his collectors. Over the past two decades, Coburn has exhibited in galleries across Canada, the U.S., England and most recently, Japan.

When working in oils, Coburn creates a world of graphic colours and textures that captures a spirit of the place that inspires him. His pen and ink drawings are often whimsical and with just a few lines like poetry capture moments with such clarity and simplicity. City streetscapes with its recognizable detail immediately create a great curiosity and sense of discovery within the viewer.

Cities fuel his creative drive. "When I sit in those glorious avenues drawing or painting," says Coburn, "believe me, it's a tall order almost beyond my control that forces me to create works that acknowledge and grace such world class architecture, new or old. Big cities inspire great dreams and somewhere in between create great paintings. That's why I paint and that's why I can't get enough of big cities."