Chris Bacon - Little Tern - Study
Chris Bacon - Sarus Crane
Chris Bacon - Heron
Chris Bacon - The Artist and Friends at the Grand Opening
Robert Bateman - Along Appleby Line-Early Spring-Bluebird
Robert Bateman - Kori's Bustard Sketch
Robert Bateman - Swallow Bank - Fall
Robert Bateman - Ploughed Field and Horned Larks
Alan Bateman - Two Poppies
Alan Bateman - Basin
Alan Bateman - Lamp
Alan Bateman - Woodside Evening
David  Beckett - Baby
David  Beckett - Child
David  Beckett - Dog
John Coburn - Afternoon In Paris
John Coburn - Knightsbridge - London
John Coburn - Friday Evening , Union Square, NYC
John Coburn - Long Acre ,Garrick & St. Martins Lane
John Coburn - Spring In Manhattan
Bonnie Folkins - Wooden Rowboat - Cloud Reflections
Bonnie Folkins - Green Boat
Bonnie Folkins - Dinghies
Bonnie Folkins - House, Trees and Road Near Siena, Italy
Bonnie Folkins - Castelluccio - Fields and Clouds
Kotaro Migishi - Early Morning
Kotaro Migishi - Starting to Snow
Kotaro Migishi - Red Roof
Kotaro Migishi - Landscape
Ivan Murphy - Memory II
Ivan Murphy - Moroccan Wall
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory II
Ivan Murphy - Early Thaw
Ivan Murphy - Rust II
Miyako Ohashi - Tree
Miyako Ohashi - Green Green
Miyako Ohashi - Flower In Summer
Miyako Ohashi - Flowers- Orange
Travis Shilling - Self Portrait II
Travis Shilling - Tonya With Hat
Travis Shilling - Tonya's Coat
Travis Shilling - My Friend
Travis Shilling - The Palette
Travis Shilling - Friends and family of the artist
Travis Shilling - Guest with Travis Shilling Painting, Joanna
Arthur Shilling - Winter Woods - Birches
Arthur Shilling - Spring Blossoms
Arthur Shilling - Forest Hill
Arthur Shilling - Boy With Clasped Hands
Arthur Shilling - Elder Woman - Portrait
Oakville Gallery Grand Opening
Group Show
4/29/2006 - 5/20/2006
Reception - Saturday April 29 from 5 - 10 pm



In 1966, Thomas L. Beckett opened Beckett Gallery in Hamilton. Over a decade ago, his son, Thomas G. Beckett brought the family name and their fine stable of Canadian and international artists to the Yorkville gallery disctrict of downtown Toronto, opening Beckett Fine Art at its existing location, 120 Scollard Street.

In 2006, Thomas and Alison Beckett announce the opening of their second gallery for Beckett Fine Art, at 41 Lakeshore Road West in Oakville.

For More Information about the Grand Opening - Call: 905-339-1796