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John Coburn - Cafe de Flore, Paris
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John Coburn - Cafe Rotonde, Paris
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New York & Paris In Tokyo
John Coburn
4/4/2006 - 4/10/2006
John Coburn will be in attendance

Press Release - March 12, 2006

Toronto Artist John Coburn Gets A Solo Exhibition in Tokyo - "NEW YORK & PARIS IN TOKYO" April 4 10, 2006, Printemps Ginza

Toronto artist John Coburn is heading to Tokyo for his first solo exhibition, to be held at Printemps- Ginza, April 4 - 10, 2006. The show, titled, New York & Paris in Tokyo features oil paintings, and pen and ink drawings, of urban landscapes captured as only this artist can, with whimsical passion, for which Canadians have grown to recognize as a John Coburn.

Japanese dealer Taro Migishi was viewing Coburn's work at Toronto's Beckett Fine Art and was so taken with his style and sensibility that he gave the artist, right there on the spot, the opportunity to exhibit in Tokyo.

A total of 30 paintings will be featured in Printemps, and Coburn is planning to stay on after the show ends to paint in and around the streets of Tokyo.

To help Coburn with the high cost demands of embarking on such a show, great support with some financial assistance was offered by the Canadian Embassy in Japan, and a few weeks ago, a "trunk" sale and event was held at Beckett's, where thousands of dollars were raised to help defer this massive undertaking.

Coburn is well-known on the Toronto art scene and has an international following as well. Robert DeNiro, pop star Robbie Williams and Saks Fifth Avenue count as only a few among his collectors. Over the past two decades, Coburn has exhibited in galleries across Canada, the U.S., and England.

When working in oils, Coburn creates a world of graphic colours and textures that captures a spirit of the place that inspires him. His pen and ink drawings are often whimsical and with just a few lines like poetry capture moments with such clarity and simplicity. City streetscapes with its recognizable detail immediately create a great curiosity and sense of discovery within the viewer.

Cities fuel his creative drive. "When I sit in those glorious avenues drawing or painting," says Coburn, "believe me, it's a tall order almost beyond my control that forces me to create works that acknowledge and grace such world class architecture, new or old. Big cities inspire great dreams and somewhere in between create great paintings. That's why I paint and that's why I can't get enough of big cities."

Printemps, Ginza

3-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 81-3-3567-7207

Gallery Open Daily 11:00am 20:30pm Sunday & Monday Closes 19:30pm

John Coburn, and gallery owner Thomas Beckett, will be in Tokyo April 2 11 and available for interviews.