Travis Shilling - Self Portrait II
Travis Shilling - Elsa
Travis Shilling - Emilly
Travis Shilling - Evening In The Studio
Travis Shilling - My Mother
Travis Shilling - The Poet
Travis Shilling - Tonya
Travis Shilling - Tonya's Coat
Travis Shilling - Spring Thaw
Travis Shilling - Spring Thaw - Reflection
Travis Shilling - First Child
Travis Shilling - Spring Thaw At Dusk
Travis Shilling - Self Portrait
Recent Oil Paintings
Travis Shilling
9/18/2004 - 10/2/2004
Opening Reception Saturday Sept. 18, 1 - 4 pm
Travis Shilling will be in attendance

The opening celebrates the third solo exhibition at Beckett's for this dynamic Canadian artist, who lives in Rama, Ontario. (near Orillia)

Travis is the youngest son (aged 25 years), of the late, important Canadian artist, Arthur Shilling. Travis continues to develop and forge his own path as an artist. This exhibition is made up of two series of oil paintings; Portraits and Landscapes. 

The Portraits: A unique colour sense, strong compositions, spontaneous energy, sensitive and mature. Travis explains, "I have people come in and sit for me. It takes some time. And when that happens there's a kind of tension in the air. It's that tension I'm drawing from. It's not really them I'm painting, but their essence. They're letting a part of them go when I paint them, just as I'm letting part of me go."

The Landscapes: A group of boldly painted works. Travis is stimulated by the abstract rythms and reflections in nature.

Beckett explains, "Travis Shilling's reputation and following as a brilliant young Canadian artist continues to build. It's very exciting and a great honour to be working with him. There is a wonderful soulful quality in his painting.  He is a painter of emotions. His depth of talent and vision is well beyond his years."