Ethel Rosenfield - Stone Man
Ethel Rosenfield - Morning Child
Ethel Rosenfield - Genesis
Ethel Rosenfield - Emerging Life
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Of Silence
Ethel Rosenfield - Standing Figure I
Ethel Rosenfield - Standing Figure I and II - Sold As Pair -
Ethel Rosenfield - Female Form
Ethel Rosenfield - Stone Flower No. 3
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Spirit
Ethel Rosenfield - Stone Cross
Ethel Rosenfield - Mother And Child
Ethel Rosenfield - Abstract Form II
Ethel Rosenfield - Captive Head I
Ethel Rosenfield - Captive Head II
Ethel Rosenfield - Labyrinth
Ethel Rosenfield - The Dancer
Ethel Rosenfield - Mother And Child
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Spirit
Ethel Rosenfield - Head
Ethel Rosenfield - Flight
Ethel Rosenfield - Temple Spirit IV
Ethel Rosenfield - Time
First Estate Exhibition
Ethel Rosenfield
6/5/2004 - 7/17/2004
Opening Reception Saturday June 5 from 1-4 pm

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We are honoured to present the first estate exhibition of sculpture for ETHEL ROSENFIELD 1910 2000 ETHEL ROSENFIELD IN CANADIAN ART HISTORY Born in Poland in 1910, Ethel immigrated to Montreal in 1919. She began her artistic career in her forties after studying sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux-arts in Montreal. She soon distinguished herself as an artist with great vision and commitment and went on to become a founding member of The Quebec Sculptors Association. Since 1966, Ethel has garnered critical acclaim for her work, which has been shown extensively in Ontario, Quebec and at international venues such as The Rodin Museum in Paris, France. "Welcome to my world of stone was a frequent quote from Rosenfield, who is renowned for her passion for stone. Working in Indiana limestone, and Cararra, red Verona and Quebec marble, Rosenfield carved out her sensual organic sculptures. The family, the female form, mother and child and captive head portraits were recurring themes. Her work inspired praise from her peers and from art critics, including Robert Ayre, John Grande and Betty Ann Jordan. Her last two solo exhibitions at Beckett Fine Art, Toronto, held in 1997 and 1998 were resounding personal and artistic successes. The shows were a great inspiration to those who attended and met Ethel. She received strong media coverage from CBC TV, City TV, The Globe and Mail, and Vie des Arts, among others. Ethel Rosenfield is a Canadian cultural treasure and deserves to be celebrated.