Ivan Murphy - Markers - Clearcut
Ivan Murphy - Winter Ferns
Ivan Murphy - Vista Obscura
Ivan Murphy - Clearcut II
Ivan Murphy - Clearcut III
Ivan Murphy - Distant Respite
Ivan Murphy - Memory I
Ivan Murphy - Memory II
Ivan Murphy - Moroccan Wall
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory I
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory II
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory III
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory IV
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory VI
Ivan Murphy - Site Memory VIII
Ivan Murphy - Early Thaw
Recent Paintings
Ivan Murphy
3/20/2004 - 4/10/2004
Opening Reception Sat., March 20, 2004, 12 - 4 pm
Ivan Murphy will be in attendance
“Landscape has been a common denominator in my work for the past twenty years. Within that
context, perspectives and motives have evolved, most significantly shifting towards painting from memory and impression. Indeed, memory has become a method of painting, attempting above all to establish a sense of place rather than a depiction of a place.

Sense of place and instances of memory and impression anchor further exploration and continue to accommodate different themes. Some of this work deals primarily with our perception and relationship with nature. Tenacity and Winter Ferns are essentially weeds, tenacious and perhaps unwanted, but
like nature, persistent and ubiquitous. Some images (Vista Obscura and Markers; Clearcut) deal with human (dis)connection to nature.

Overall, the exclusion of extraneous detail based on memory permits for experimentation with colour treatment, negative space, composition, and surface texture. The canvas itself becomes a memory of the artist’s actions.”