Alan Bateman - Shells And Trilliums, Boshkung
Alan Bateman - Firelight, N.S.
Alan Bateman - Two Shell Study, Boshkung
Robert Bateman - Loon On Lilly Pads
Robert Bateman - Canada Geese in Winter, Limited Edition of 400
Robert Bateman - Smallwood - Study
Robert Bateman - Smallwood
Robert Bateman - Flying Swallows
Robert Bateman - Rough Legged Hawk On Fence
Robert Bateman - Swallow Bank - Fall
John G. Crawford - Short Wave
John G. Crawford - Yule Log
John G. Crawford - Standing Still
John G. Crawford - Still Evening
Kotaro Migishi - Winter's Landscape
Kotaro Migishi - L'arbre (Tree)
Kotaro Migishi - Paris
Kotaro Migishi - In the Middle of the Village
Kotaro Migishi - Cottage In Field
Leo Mol - Classical Figure
Leo Mol - Jessica
Leo Mol - John F. Kennedy
Leo Mol - Reflection
Ivan Murphy - Structure
Travis Shilling - Tonya With Hat
Arthur Shilling - Millie In The Rain - Birches
Arthur Shilling - Winter Woods - Birches
Arthur Shilling - Suzanne In Parka
Arthur Shilling - Self Portrait
Arthur Shilling - Elder In The Woods
Arthur Shilling - Court Stone
Winter Exhibition
Group Show
1/5/2004 - 2/29/2004